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Base Saver Service

Base Saver Service

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Tired of building a new base each seed?

No need to worry about that now, APG Base Saver Service is here!

Simply buy the Base Saver Service and open a ticket in our discord, we will get your build saved and have it ready to paste onto the new map when you are ready for it!

*No larger than 31 x 31 (Height / Depth may need to be confirmed depending on where base will be spawned on new map) 

*Must be on flat ground (base of structure is all on the same level).

When a base is spawned into a new map, the following items will be removed from the base:

  • All Workstations (Forge, Workbench, Deco Workbench, Cement Mixer, Chemistry Station, Campfires, Working Ovens and Sinks).
  • Electrical Traps (Turrets, Dart Traps, and Blade Traps)
  • Electrical Sources (Solar Banks, Battery Banks, Generators)
  • Farm Plots
  • Bedrolls
  • Writable Signs (They are not lockable and anyone can deface them)
  • Vending Machines and Candy Machines
  • Personal Trader: If the you are a Tier 3 (Hunter) Donor or above, your personal trader will remain in its current location
  • All Items that act as storage (secure chests, writable storage, DecoBench Items like the APGHardenedChest, etc, Cabinets, Book stacks, clothes piles, etc. If you can put something in it, it will be removd)
  • Note: Since the base is spawned in like a POI, all storage will respawn loot. This is the reason we have to remove those items. All Doors/Hatches will be removed as they are not owned by a player and can't be secured by locking them.
  • Note: All Doors/Hatches will be given to you to replace those removed so that your base will be secure from day 1

*Must be ordered at least 24 hours before server wipes for the new seed.

*Purchase is valid for current seed only, Can only be placed once*
*Price is for 1 placement on one map, multiple maps will require multiple purchases*

Please open a ticket in discord after purchase with the coordinates of your base and which server.

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