Collection: Minecraft Coins

Apex Coins are the bread and butter of every adventurer.  They enable our economy to grow and our players to thrive!   

What are they: One of the trade currencies we have, Apex Coins can be used to buy or sell items from NPCs, and other players.  Apex Coins can be earned by any players who take on jobs, finish specific quests, and sell items to NPCs or other players.  Various NPCs in our Main Spawn and Player Mall locations offer special items to players, from the otherwise hard-to-find materials you can use for your crafting recipes, to unique custom-made artifact items that are specially designed to improve your experience.

How do they help:  Boosting your wealth will give you faster access to more premium items you can use in-game, such as spawners, or that coveted Elytra, which you can buy in our Player Mall!